Began: 1/9/13 8:15 PM
Finished: 1/10/13 5:20 AM
Seeing: IV. Unstable
Transparency: Mostly clear
Site: Norton, Johnson Rd Farm

  1. M39 a Open in the Cygnus constellation (also named NGC7092) observed at 8:15 PM - Several brighter stars that forms various lines throughout the cluster. I did my first astronomical sketch of this object, but at 29 degrees, it’s pretty cold. - with my Z10 (Z 30mm)
  2. M103 a Open in the Cassiopeia constellation (also named NGC581) observed at 8:45 PM - Hard for me to identify but after comparing to ocular view in Stellarium, it was easy to see I was looking at my intended target. The three bright stars forming a diagonal line, and then the three small stars forming a tiny triangle to the left. - with my Z10 (Z 30mm)
  3. M81 a Galaxy in the Ursa Major constellation (also named Bode’s Galaxy, NGC3031, UGC5318,Bode’s Galaxies (Nebulae) [1]) observed at 9:57 PM - Found initially with my 30mm EP but then put on the 2x barlow for a closer look. The fuzz got larger but not any real detail. - with my Z10 (Z 30mm)
  4. M50 a Open in the Monoceros constellation (also named Heart-shaped Cluster, NGC2323) observed at 10:16 PM - Tried a few times though the night and finally found it. I now see the heart shape, although its far from a perfect heart! - with my Z10 (Z 30mm)
  5. M82 a Galaxy in the Ursa Major constellation (also named Cigar Galaxy, Ursa Major A, NGC3034, UGC5322,Cigar Galaxy,Ursa Major A) observed at 10:27 PM - Very cool. With the 30mm EP I can see Bode’s Galaxy in one view. I then placed the 2x barlow and was able to flip between the two as they no longer fit in the EP at the same time. Again, 2x barlow made things bigger but not any more detail. nh - with my Z10 (Z 30mm)
  6. M42 a Open+D Neb in the Orion constellation (also named Great Orion Nebula, Orion A, NGC1976,Trapezium) observed at 10:03 PM - With the binoculars, you can see the nebula clearly, haze and all. Two stars were seen in the middle. You can see more stars with the Z10 of course. - with my Z10 (Z 30mm), UltraView 10x50
  7. Jupiter a Planet in the Taurus constellation observed at 2:56 AM - Io has moved significantly from my previous viewing 5 hours ago. I didn’t realize the moons moved that quickly. The UHC filter seems to cut back on the glow around Jupiter but it is stil hard to see clear detail. - with my Z10 (Z 30mm and a 2X Barlow)
  8. M44 a Open in the Cancer constellation (also named Praesepe, Beehive Cluster, NGC2632,Beehive Cluster,Manger (Praesepe),Praesepe (Manger)) observed at 3:16 AM - Easily distinguishable by its multiple 3 star triangles. Viewed initially w/my 30mm EP but moved out to a 40mm for a better view. - with my Z10 (M4K 40mm - Dads)
  9. M47 a Open in the Puppis constellation (also named NGC2422) observed at 3:25 AM - Identified based on it’s number 5 dice pattern towards the center of the cluster. - with my Z10 (M4K 40mm - Dads)
  10. M48 a Open in the Hydra constellation (also named NGC2548) observed at 3:31 AM - Identified by 5 stars forming a slightly crooked line in the middle with 2 stars at a slight angle toward the top making a funky looking Y. - with my Z10 (M4K 40mm - Dads)
  11. M46 a Open in the Puppis constellation (also named NGC2437) observed at 3:43 AM - Had a hard time identifying it but using Stellarium I was able to see the pattern in surrounding stars. The cluster had quite a few stars of the same magnitude packed in there making features distinguishing hard to pick out - with my Z10 (M4K 40mm - Dads)
  12. Saturn a Planet in the Libra constellation observed at 3:49 AM - Able to distinguish the rings w/30mm. Adding 2x barlow allowed me to clearly see separation between the planet and its rings. Was looking through a wispy cloud, was able to see 1 moon. - with my Z10 (Z 30mm), Z10 (Z 30mm and a 2X Barlow)
  13. M3 a Globular in the Canes Venatici constellation (also named NGC5272) observed at 3:55 AM - When using the 2x barlow and 30mm, nice gray fuzz in the center of a 3 star triangle. - with my Z10 (Z 30mm and a 2X Barlow)
  14. M67 a Open in the Cancer constellation (also named King Cobra, NGC2682) observed at 4:01 AM - Beautiful cluster identified by location as well as surrounding stars, including the bright one right below it. - with my Z10 (Z 30mm)
  15. Saturn a Planet in the Libra constellation observed at 4:10 AM - Beautiful. I could pickout detail in the planet with the 9mm. Still looking through a whispy cloud though. With the 6.4 it was amazing how much separation you could see between the rings and the planet. - with my Z10 (Z 9mm and a 2X Barlow), Z10 (M4K 6.4mm - Dads)
  16. M53 a Globular in the Coma Berenices constellation (also named NGC5024) observed at 4:25 AM - Much easier to identify than anticipated, the three stronger stars at the bottom left and two faint above the Globular made it easy to spot. It was an easy one do describe so I did my 2nd astronomical using it as the subject. - with my Z10 (Z 30mm)
  17. M40 a Dbl+Asterism in the Ursa Major constellation (also named Winnecke 4,Winnecke 4 (WNC4),WNC 4 (Winnecke 4)) observed at 4:44 AM - Identified by the 4 stars making a parallelagram in the bottom left, then the 3 groups of 2 stars, one on the left, one in the middle top and one on the right. - with my Z10 (Z 30mm)
  18. M106 a Galaxy in the Canes Venatici constellation (also named NGC4258, UGC7353) observed at 5:05 AM - Very faint gray glob only spotting through averted vision, then confirmed by three stars in the lower right, one star middle-upper left and finally one in the top of the EP. Moving the scope around you could see the gray glob move accordingly, but to look at it directly it was hard to see. - with my Z10 (Z 30mm)