Began: 1/8/13 6:53 PM
Finished: 1/8/13 8:18 PM
Seeing: IV. Unstable
Transparency: Mostly clear
Site: Norton, Johnson Rd Farm

  1. M31 a Galaxy in the Andromeda constellation (also named Andromeda Galaxy, NGC224, UGC454,Andromeda A,Andromeda Galaxy) observed at 6:53 PM - Also viewed with 9mm EP. Barn light was on making it hard to find via the Telrad, thus reverted to Az/Alt. Not a clear view, but easily identifiable. - with my Z10 (Z 30mm)
  2. M110 a Galaxy in the Andromeda constellation (also named Satellite Of Andromeda Galaxy, NGC205, UGC426,Satellite of Andromeda 1) observed at 6:57 PM - Much smaller than Andromeda but an easy jump from it using just the 30mm EP FoV. - with my Z10 (Z 30mm)
  3. M34 a Open in the Perseus constellation (also named Spiral Cluster, NGC1039) observed at 7:45 PM - Group of stars, pretty close to each other. Interesting that it was so high in the sky I could just about turn my scope anywhere along the AZ and still have it in view. - with my Z10 (Z 30mm)
  4. M42 a Open+D Neb in the Orion constellation (also named Great Orion Nebula, Orion A, NGC1976,Trapezium) observed at 8:03 PM - with my Z10