1. MailMate - Waiting on Reply

    MailMate is my chosen application for email for many reasons, but that is beyond the scope of this post. Many times I send an email, maybe as a response itself, that requires no further tracking. I don’t really care if it is responded to or not. Other times, I ...

  2. BPQ-250 Build

    First, some background: I have been flying larger quads with brushless gimbals, GPS controllers, etc… I made the break into an FPV quad with the Flip FPV by Hover Things. I quickly learned that I had no idea how to really fly a quad copter, so I purchased the SimpleCopter ...

  3. Easy Star 2 - Build Take 2

    My first FPV build was a Penguin V2, it was a larger plane that (as loaded by me) just wouldn't land! It would glide forever which made it problematic to land at my strip when the winds were in their summer time orientation. Thus, I moved to an Easy ...

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