Within the last two months or so, I have gotten back into RC airplanes via FPV (first person view). This is a method of flying via an onboard camera that gives you the perspective as if you were actually in the airplane flying.

Here is my FPV setup:

  • Air station (the airplane)
    • Easy Star 2, stock RR equipment
    • DragonLink V2 UHF RX
    • EagleTree OSD with DataLogger v4, GPS and Guardian Stabilizer. I have the Airspeed
      indicator which I find very valuable, but due to lack of room on the Easy Star right
      now, it is not installed.
    • ReadyMadeRC 700PRO camera
    • CircularWireless Skew Planar TX antenna
    • ReadyMadeRC 1.3 GHz 800mw TX
  • Ground Station:
    • Futaba 8FG Super RC TX connected via the trainer port to the DragonLink UHF TX
    • CircularWireless Skew Planar RX antenna
    • IBCrazy PepperBox RX antenna
    • Sometimes an IBCrazy 3-turn Helical RX antenna
    • 2x ReadyMadeRC 900-1.3 GHz RX w/SAW filter upgrades
    • EagleTree EagleEyes (diversity, telemetry logging and video splitting)
    • ReadyMadeRC DVR1000 - digital video recorder
    • ReadyMadeRC 8” LCD mounted on an old camera tripod
    • The rest of the ground station (fixed equipment) is mounted on a camera lighting
      tripod that extends to 12’
    • Peak 900 Jump-Starter (ground station power)

You can see a few videos of my FPV flying:

Various pictures of my setup: