Began: 1/11/13 9:35 PM
Finished: 1/11/13 9:50 PM
Seeing: III. Somewhat stable
Transparency: Somewhat clear
Site: Norton, Johnson Rd Farm

Clear Sky Chart said it was suppose to be clear with good seeing, civilian reports said cloudy. Turned out to be a mixture of the two. I got my new EPs from Garry Russell in that afternoon and spent time looking around at objects I knew where they were comparing things before starting to search for something new.

  1. M76 a P Neb in the Perseus constellation (also named Little Dumbbell Nebula) observed at 9:35 PM - Found initially with averted vision but once spotted was easy to see and identify. I did my third sketch ever with this observation. - with my Z10 (GR 18mm)