Began: 1/7/13 7:17 PM
Finished: 1/7/13 10:36 PM
Seeing: IV. Unstable
Transparency: Clear
Site: Norton, Johnson Rd Farm

  1. M45 a Open in the Taurus constellation (also named Pleiades, Seven Sisters, Subaru,Pleiades,Seven Sisters,Subaru) observed at 7:17 PM - with my C8/VX (GR 18mm)
  2. M31 a Galaxy in the Andromeda constellation (also named Andromeda Galaxy, NGC224, UGC454,Andromeda A,Andromeda Galaxy) observed at 8:01 PM - with my C8/VX
  3. M35 a Open in the Gemini constellation observed at 8:34 PM - Still trying to learn how to use my Telrad effectively, wound up finding this one with my setting circle and altitude gauge. - with my Z10 (Z 30mm)
  4. M36 a Open in the Auriga constellation (also named Pinwheel Cluster, NGC1960) observed at 9:09 PM - Getting pretty cold outside, not trying telrad anymore for learning, just using setting circle/altitude gauge. Being new it is hard to identify I am looking at the right object other than the fact that there is a large grouping of stars where I placed my scope and around the group is much less stars. - with my Z10 (Z 30mm)
  5. M37 a Open in the Auriga constellation (also named Auriga Salt-and-pepper Cluster, January Salt-and-pepper Cluster, NGC2099,Auriga Salt-and-Pepper,January Salt-and-Pepper) observed at 9:17 PM - Tightly grouped star cluster with much smaller stars. The 30mm piece had plenty of space around the group so I tossed on my only other EP (9mm) for a closer look. At 9mm M37 was larger than the FOV. - with my Z10 (Z 30mm)
  6. M38 a Open in the Auriga constellation (also named Starfish Cluster, NGC1912) observed at 9:25 PM - Once found also put on the 9mm for a closer view. Pretty cool seeing the cluster of stars with much less stars outside of the cluster. Found using az/alt. - with my Z10 (Z 30mm)
  7. M1 a SNR in the Taurus constellation (also named Crab Nebula, Taurus A, NGC1952,CM Tauri,Crab Nebula,Crab Pulsar,Taurus A) observed at 10:21 PM - Whew, took a long time and many failed attempts before I finally saw this faint splotch of fuzz. I believe the seeing is responsible, as it is poor this evening. - with my Z10 (Z 30mm)