Began: 1/19/13 5:15 AM
Finished: 1/19/13 7:04 AM
Seeing: III. Somewhat stable
Transparency: Mostly clear
Site: Norton, Johnson Rd Farm

  1. Saturn a Planet in the Libra constellation observed at 5:15 AM - Never get tired of looking at the planets. I couldn’t get a crisp view w/the 12mm 2x barlow combo, but still easily see the separation of the rings from the planet. Could not detect separation of the rings from the rings. - with my Z10 (GR 12mm and a 2X Barlow)
  2. M63 a Galaxy in the Canes Venatici constellation (also named Sunflower Galaxy, NGC5055, UGC8334) observed at 5:20 AM - Found easily with Az/Alt. Initial wasn’t spot on but just a tiny bit of browsing I could see the galaxy easily as well as easily identify it by its two brighter, wider spaced stars below and two dimmer, closer stars above. Spoted it with the 18mm then moved to the 12mm. There is a little breeze out here yet this morning, a far cry from the 20mph forcast, but enough to have it jiggle the scope now and then making anything more than 12mm impracticable. - with my Z10 (GR 18mm), Z10 (GR 12mm)
  3. M51 a Galaxy in the Canes Venatici constellation (also named Whirlpool Galaxy, Question Mark Galaxy, NGC5194, UGC8493,Lord Rosse’s Nebula,Question Mark,Rosse’s Galaxy,Whirlpool Galaxy) observed at 5:36 AM - Initially found with the 18mm then moved to the 12mm for what was a better view. Easily found and identified for its two distinct fuzz patches. - with my Z10 (GR 18mm), Z10 (GR 12mm)
  4. M64 a Galaxy in the Coma Berenices constellation (also named Black Eye Galaxy, Sleeping Beauty Galaxy, NGC4826, UGC8062,Black Eye Galaxy,Sleeping Beauty Galaxy) observed at 6:17 AM - This was a fun one as it was nearly centered from the start w/my Az/Alt setting and using the 18mm EP. I then switched to the 12mm EP and did a sketch as it was something a bit simpler to sketch, but complicated enough to give me some practice. Not sure about sketching in 24 degree weather though, but this was my second sketch of the night! - with my Z10 (GR 18mm), Z10 (GR 12mm)
  5. M97 a P Neb in the Ursa Major constellation (also named Owl Nebula, NGC3587) observed at 6:25 AM - I found it with little difficulty! I thought it was M108 to begin with (close by and much brighter) but I easily identified it by the 6 stars below it that make a vertical rectangle (with the left side dipping in a bit). I enjoyed this one because things just worked and I didn’t have to double, tripple check to make sure I was observing the right one. It’s fun when things just work! I was really thinking of sketching this one also but my fingers are hurting still from the cold of the last sketch. - with my Z10 (GR 18mm), Z10 (GR 12mm)
  6. M108 a Galaxy in the Ursa Major constellation (also named NGC3556, UGC6225) observed at 6:31 AM - A short jump from M97 and what fun! This is one of the first galaxies I’ve observed where I could see a distinct shape to it. WOW! I jumped to this one with the 12mm EP already in the scope and that helped with this one. Going out for a wider view with the 12mm, I could still see it but not as clearly. In the past when going to more magnification on galaxies it seems to have just made the gray ball larger, in this case I got more definition. - with my Z10 (GR 12mm)
  7. M13 a Globular in the Hercules constellation (also named Hercules Globular Cluster, Great Hercules Cluster, NGC6205) observed at 6:49 AM - Beautiful! This is going to be one of my favorites! At 30mm, it looked just like a fuzzy patch of gray. I didn’t recognize it as a Globular Cluster but I didn’t see any Nebula or Galaxies at this point from my charts, so I began zooming in. At 12mm I was able to see distinct stars and realized it was the cluster I was looking for. Putting on the 2x barlow allowed me to see more distinct stars but they were very tightly packed. - with my Z10 (Z 30mm), Z10 (GR 18mm), Z10 (GR 12mm), Z10 (GR 12mm and a 2X Barlow)