Began: 1/18/13 6:56 PM
Finished: 1/18/13 7:34 PM
Seeing: III. Somewhat stable
Transparency: Mostly clear
Site: Norton, Johnson Rd Farm

Wind is picking up, was forecast to be 18-25mph but was much less at the start of the evening. Viewing will allow more but the wind will not.

  1. M31 a Galaxy in the Andromeda constellation (also named Andromeda Galaxy, NGC224, UGC454,Andromeda A,Andromeda Galaxy) observed at 6:56 PM - Found first so I could easily branch off to M32. - with my Z10 (GR 18mm), Z10 (GR 12mm)
  2. M52 a Open in the Cassiopeia constellation (also named The Scorpion, NGC7654,Cassiopeia Salt-and-Pepper,October Salt-and-Pepper) observed at 7:10 PM - Pretty small cluster, but easy to identify as there are many faint stars grouped together. - with my Z10 (GR 18mm)
  3. M77 a Galaxy in the Cetus constellation (also named Cetus A, NGC1068, UGC2188) observed at 7:19 PM - Easily detectable, once you put your Az pointer back on! I knocked it off with my foot, realigned and there it was. I love galaxy hunting! Once found with the 18mm, the 12mm provided a better view. - with my Z10 (GR 18mm), Z10 (GR 12mm)