Began: 2/10/13 3:25 AM
Finished: 2/10/13 3:44 AM
Seeing: II. Mostly stable
Transparency: Clear
Site: Norton, Johnson Rd Farm

Once back home, I wanted to attempt to spot M13 in the binouclars to see if it could be done. While touring the night sky with my eyes, I saw Saturn and gave it a whirl as well.

  1. Saturn a Planet in the Libra constellation observed at 3:25 AM - I could tell it was Saturn but not much more. - with my UltraView 10x50
  2. M13 a Globular in the Hercules constellation (also named Hercules Globular Cluster, Great Hercules Cluster, NGC6205) observed at 3:29 AM - Couldn’t find it without looking up the Az/Ele. Once I knew exactly where to find it in the sky I could see it w/out difficulty. Could not decern any individual stars. - with my UltraView 10x50