Did you ever wonder what those strange sounds are around 14.076MHz? That’s JT65 on HF! I was introduced June 8th, 2010. Since then I have worked 64 stations on JT65 ranging from Ohio (my home state) all the way to Japan, almost all with 30 watts of power. Pretty cool eh?

The only problem, and this is more of a plea, is in the last few days I’ve seen no new stations! Are there only 64 stations on JT65? Ok, wait… There is an Alaskan station that I have tried for a few times and have not been able to complete a QSO with, so are there only 65 stations on JT65?

If you are not on JT65, I urge you to give it a try. A great program for getting started is JT65-HF. The user manual and program can be found on IZ4CZL‘s website. If you are on JT65, I urge you to tell your friends about it! When you get some DX from your location, send a spot and put in JT65 as the mode. When you’re talking on other digital modes, let them know you also use JT65 and find it enjoyable! It’s a great mode, we just need more hams using it.