Welcome to EuIUP, a Euphoria wrapper around the Iup GUI toolkit. The wrapper is written in 100% Euphoria and requires only minimal Iup dll files for distribution on Windows. For Linux, an Iup installation is recommended.


EuIup: zip, tar.gz or tar.bz2. Windows Runtime: iup-runtime-3.3.0-r1.zip Unix Runtime: Please use your package managers to install Iup v3.0 or later.


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

With the completion of the IupOleControl, Iup is now 100% wrapped. This moves us into an alpha state.

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Canvas Draw library from ~IupEu has been migrated to the new 3.x library. The old library names were changed, formatting done and the cd namespace introduced. Canvas Draw is not included by default. To use, you must add

include iup/cd.e

in your application. C methods such as cdCanvasVertex would become cd:canvas_vertex with the new namespace and function naming scheme.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

EuIup went from being a native C compiled DLL to being 100% Euphoria code wrapping the existing Iup .dll, .so and .dylib files. This was done to allow ease of wrapping, installation and compatability with various aspects of Iup.

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About EuIup

EuIUP is an easy to use sizer based GUI toolkit boasting native widgets on Windows and Linux (OSX in alpha). Additionally native canvas, OpenGL canvas, advanced image manipulation and multi-touch device support.