3 Getting Started

First things first. This is not an exhaustive manual on how to use Iup. The Iup manual, http://www.tecgraf.puc-rio.br/iup/, is a great resource and should be used. This manual is to document what has been converted and any changes from Iup.

3.1 Method Naming

EuIup does not use the same method names as Iup, however, the conversion is simple. Drop the leading Iup and convert the CamelCase to lower case placing a _ at the word breaks. Typically an application will include the main iup.e file into the iup namespace. Thus, all methods would be prefixed by iup:. A few examples:

Iup Name EuIup Name
IupOpen iup:open
IupSetAttribute iup:set_attribute
IupButton iup:button
IupShowXY iup:show_xy

Constants have the prefix of IUP_ dropped. Thus IUP_VALUE becomes iup:VALUE, IUP_DEFAULT becomes iup:DEFAULT, etc...

About EuIup

EuIUP is an easy to use sizer based GUI toolkit boasting native widgets on Windows and Linux (OSX in alpha). Additionally native canvas, OpenGL canvas, advanced image manipulation and multi-touch device support.