Ready to run in the Run4Fun 5K in 2012When selecting a race to run in, we like to pick one that has some charitable benefit but also one that is relatively local and since I have two daughters now (12 and 10) that are runners we like to choose them that have age based ranking and prizes. The Run4Fun Summer Solstice run met our criteria. The charitable benefit was Muscular Dystrophy and they had a 14 and under age group. Thus, the run is on.

It was originally going to be Samantha, Daleen and I that ran in the race but early in the week Daleen got bucked off a horse and suffered from a minor concussion. That took her out of the race, we couldn’t have her bouncing around so soon, especially since the symptoms lasted for a little period of time. So, I recruited my sister Angie to run in the race. Little did I know that she had a gig that night. About 6:30 in the morning on Saturday, she called and told me how late she had been up and that she just wasn’t feeling up to a 5K race and understandably so! Who can run in Daleen’s place? Josiah Anthony, cousin, was in town along with his family, so I gave them a call and asked if he wanted to run in the race. After a bit of mumbled words from a sleeping individual, Dale said “sure he’ll run.” I still don’t know if Josiah said he wanted to or not, but Dale said pick him up and we did!

The race started at 8:30 but we needed to show up a little early to have Daleen’s bib transferred to Josiah. I don’t think he would have enjoyed running as a girl and they may have disqualified him as well!

As it turns out, this was also Bryan and Jewels anniversary and we had the Jackson kids. So, all four of ours, all three of theirs, two cars, Josiah picked up and we arrived about 7:50am.

Packets picked up, bib transferred and now we just had to wait for the race to start. This was going to be Samantha’s first race as well as Josiah’s first race. THe only difference is that Samantha has been training for the last 7 weeks while Josiah has ran around his house a bit, but no real training to run a race. Therefore, we gave him a ten minute tutorial on the way and pumping him full of last minute tips that were sure to make his first race a pleasure :-) A bit later our cheerleaders arrived. We now had all of my kids, all of the Jackson’s as well as Dale and Fay and Josiah’s family, John, Edith, Ruthy and Elisabeth.

We lined up in the middle of the pack with the other 260 or so runners, 130 in front and 130 in the back. That is where Samantha and I figured that we would finish. We didn’t want to start at the front of the pack and be a road block for all the fast runners trying to pass us, nor did we want to start at the end and have to pass all the walkers and slower runners. Josiah joined us there as well. The first mile and a half we all ran together and were keeping a 9:30 pace. I was amazed that we were all doing so well. Samantha then decided to pickup the pace a bit and left Josiah and I behind, good for her!

Some time after that Josiah developed a side stitch and slowed to a walking pace. I then saw Samantha ahead walking as well. She had enough of a lead, though, that by the time I got close, she started jogging again and was pulling away. She didn’t even know I was catching up! I finally did catch up about the 2 and 1/2 mile mark as she started to walk again. Bear in mind that we have not yet finished our Couch to 5K running program. The furthest we have run was 2 and 3/4 miles, and at that only once.

Run4Fun Support CrowdWell, we all had a blast. Samantha finished 7th in her age group of 20 and 60th in the female division of 131. Her final time was 32:19 for an average pace of 10:35. Josiah’s age was not reported for some reason so I don’t know what place he came in in his age group, but he came in 99th of 132 total male runners. His final time was 32:07 for an average pace of 10:22. Since this was their first times, they both made personal records this race. My PR was 30:54 but I beat it this race! I came in 16th place of 28 in my age group and 66th in the make division of 132. My final time was 28:28 for an average pace of 9:11. I beat my PR by 2:24! The only problem is I was short of Daleen’s PR of 28:15 by only 13 seconds! If only I had picked up my pace a few seconds earlier, but oh well, it gives me something to shoot for!

After wards we took all of the coupons we got in our goodies back for Taco Bell and cashed them in for lunch. Had a great time preparing, running and spending time with family. No injuries, just fun and exhaustion :-) Already planning the next race and hopefully soon! I did tell Daleen that we would schedule one quickly after she fully recovers and has been doing well for a bit.